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How to give memorable and professional looking presentations.

Coachs: Alaeddine Azaiez & Rihana M'sadek.

• The Presentation StructurePlan – the shape of great communications
• The Power and Structure of Story
• The content SUCSESs – writing content that resonates with your audience

Attendees will learn to understand the context of a presentation, to work within a story framework, create audience empathy and emotional appeal, generate unique ideas, group and arrange messages for greater impact, and strengthen their structure with story attributes and big moments.

• Visualize information – tools to turn words into pictures and data into stories
• Storyboarding techniques - quick sketching to try out ideas
• Visual unity – applying design thinking to presentations

Attendees will convert their content into a storyboard, and practice quick sketching of ideas to visually display their message for a memorable presentation.

• Give a presentation in english

Attendees will learn practical and simple techniques and tricks to present like a professional native English speaker.

Pre-Requisites Each attendee brings a presentation that he or she must rewrite and redesign.

Attendees may need their computers
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